Monolayer film made from polyvinylidene chloride (PVdC), used mainly as a casing film for sausages made from fish, pork and chicken. Sausage casing Film has both oxygen and moisture barrier properties and is sustainable for high temperature and pressure sterilization. This makes it ideally suited for the manufacture of shelf-stable sausages, which can be transported and stored at room temperature.Low oxygen permeability, preventing discoloration and flavor deterioration due to oxidation
Low water vapor permeability, preventing moisture absorption and loss of content weight
Lack of water absorbency, chemical resistance, light stability
Heat-shrink properties allow for attractive product presentation without wrinkles
Transparent and glossy, showing off the contents
High heat resistance, permitting high temperature sterilization Food packaging for fish sausages, meat sausages and cheese

Material: PVdC film